Baby Massage 

That’s it, your baby’s here! And from day 1, you’re striving to be the best mother you can, trying to understand and answer the needs of your little one, while managing this tricky, exhausting period of early motherhood.

Your baby depends on stimulation for their physical, psychological, emotional and social development. But not all type of stimulation is beneficial. Nurturing baby massage provides just the right type and level of stimulation that they need in the early weeks and months after birth to support their wellbeing. It also creates a safe haven in which to bond and interact with your baby, and grow your confidence and enjoyment as a new parent.

Baby Blossom Yoga’s approach is unique: classes mostly focus on baby massage and loving touch, but also include reflexology, gentle yoga stretches, comforting holds, movement and relaxation, providing a holistic, supportive experience for you and your baby. If you’re looking for something that will support your postnatal recovery as well, my mum and baby wellness package offers a unique blend of baby nurture and postnatal yoga.  

Baby Blossom Yoga offers baby massage classes in Richmond and Surrey, as well as South London, in the comfort of your own home. You can opt for one to one classes, or private group classes, a popular options for antenatal/NCT groups who want to do a course together.  


Baby massage benefits for you & your baby

Massaging your baby has many physical, physiological and emotional benefits:

  • promotes calm and relaxation, leading to better sleep
  • boosts immunity
  • helps relieve digestive problems (gas, constipation, etc) which are so common in the first few months of your baby’s life
  • improves muscle tone and flexibility
  • improves body awareness
  • provides the very important feeling of being heard as you learn to read and respond to your baby’ cues

Learning to massage your baby will also help you to:

  • Understanding your baby’s cues and special body language, enhancing communication between the two of you
  • Stimulate oxytocin production, which promotes bonding, feeling of well-being and supports the production of milk if you are breastfeeding!
  • Develop your confidence in how to handle and interact with a very young baby (because most of us don’t have a clue what to do before we actually become mothers!)


Courses and workshops

I offer 4 different private 1-to-1 courses and workshops, delivered in the comfort of your own home for your ease and comfort.

All baby nurture workshops cover a blend of baby massage, baby yoga and other yoga-based techniques to support parent and child. You can find out more about the benefits of baby yoga on the mum & baby yoga page.

These can be booked for private groups as well (antenatal groups, etc). Please contact me for details.

baby massage Full Body Course

On this comprehensive course delivered over 3 sessions of 60 mn each, you will learn massage strokes for all body parts of your baby, as well as yoga-inspired gentle movements, a routine to help with colic symptoms and a routine to be used at bedtime. Each session also includes gentle stretches for mums/parents and a joint relaxation time.

Ideal for babies from 4-6 weeks, until 5 months old.

£135, or from £45 per person for private groups

baby massage TASTER SESSION

This 60mn session is ideal to discover the basics of baby massage and give you the confidence to start massaging your baby at home.
It covers when and where to massage your baby, oils to use or avoid, getting ready to massage your baby, a first short massage routine covering legs, feet and tummy (that can also help with colic) and some calming massage strokes and comforting holds.

Ideal for babies from 4-6 weeks, until 5 months old.

£50, or from £15 per person for private groups of 4+ people
The cost of the taster session is redeemable against the cost of the full body course if you choose to sign up after your taster session.

Baby Gio and I have just loved the baby massage course. It’s been our favourite time of the week for the past month. It was one hour that was just about Gio and me, no washing or cooking or tidying or anything, just her and me. Thank you, you do a brilliant job. Georgia


baby nurture WORKSHOP

This 60mn+ session focuses on massage strokes, reflexology-based pressure, gentle baby yoga moves for the tummy and legs, as well as other baby nurture techniques, to help relieve colic symptoms, release trapped wind, and ease constipation.

The one-off session will gives you the skills and confidence to relieve and soothe your baby at any time of day or night.

Ideal for babies from 4-6 weeks, until 5 months old.

£50, or from £15 per person for private groups of 4+ people


This 60mn+ session is designed to help you calm and soothe your very young baby, helping them adapt to life out of the womb, relax and find sleep. Using baby massage, holds and other tips and techniques for you and baby, the aim is to help you navigate the fourth trimester, stay relaxed and have a happy settled baby.

Ideal for newborns and very young babies.

£50, or from £15 per person for private groups of 4 + people

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