Postnatal Yoga

Specialist postnatal yoga is a safe, effective and enjoyable way to heal, strengthen and nurture yourself in these first days, weeks and months after giving birth.

In this exciting but exhausting time, postnatal yoga will help you reconnect with your body and with yourself, heal and rebuild strength from deep within, relieve the many aches and pains that come with looking after a little one,  and also take time to really nourish and replenish yourself as a new mother – which is so very important. 

Whereas the vast majority of postnatal exercise or fitness classes are only open to women from 6/8 weeks after birth (after the routine check with their GP or midwife), BabyBlossomYoga’s postnatal classes are open to you from as early as one week after birth, utilising the body’s natural ‘Golden window’ for postnatal healing.

how will postnatal yoga help me?

Specialist postnatal yoga focuses on closing, strengthening and realigning your post-pregnancy body, addressing aches and pains that build up due to feeding and carrying baby, and allowing you to access rest and relaxation at a time when you most need it.

As opposed to the aim of getting your ‘old body’ back, I believe that the postnatal period is an opportunity to form the foundations for long-term health and well-being, whatever your age or shape, and to re-create your body from deep within, possibly stronger and healthier than it ever was!

Postnatal yoga will specifically help you to:

  • restore tone to your core muscles and help heal any diastasis recti (‘split’ tummy muscles)
  • restore tone and elasticity of the pelvic floor, addressing potential pelvic floor weaknesses or dysfunction
  • release tension in your shoulders, neck and lower back
  • realign your spine, ribcage and improve your posture
  • decrease feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm so common in new mothers
  • increase your energy levels to counteract sleep deprivation
  • support breastfeeding if this how you’ve chosen to feed your baby (stimulating milk flow and avoiding engorgement)
  • learn breathing and instant relaxation techniques that can help you sleep, stay calm and connected
  • and importantly, enjoy yourself, your body and your baby!


is postnatal yoga for me? And when Can I start?

My (Birthlight-based) approach to postnatal yoga means that, contrary to most (all!) other postnatal exercise/fitness classes, my classes are suitable, beneficial and safe for all women, from as soon as a week after birth, regardless of the type of birth you had (including Ceasarean births) and your level of fitness. 

For this reason, I mostly work with new mums on a one-to-one basis. I believe this gives you the best level of support and attention, taking into account your pregnancy & birth history, current health and situation, and so making our time together and your postnatal recovery most effectiveA lot of postnatal yoga relies on correct alignment and breathing patterns, which is much easier and effective to achieve through observation and adjustments in a private one-to-one setting.
From my own experience and that of the women I’ve worked with over the years, taking a series of private postnatal yoga sessions is an investment in yourself and long-term women’s health at this very special time of your life that you will truly value.

Absolutely no previous yoga experience is required. However, if you had a yoga practice before your pregnancy/birth, your programme/ individual sessions can be tailored to gradually help you get back to your former practice.



What does a home postnatal yoga class look like?

One-to-one sessions take place in the comfort of your own home, and can be done with or without your baby. 

If your baby’s with us, depending on what she or he is doing at the time, the session might look like a ‘regular’ studio class spent mostly on the mat, or it might look completely different to what you might have experienced before! Most often than not, we will practice in different areas of the room or home, and I will show you how to involve or entertain your baby during each practice/movement, so that you can see how to integrate feel-good, healing yoga into your (busy!) daily life with a baby. 

Depending on your specific needs, we will explore a variety of practices easy to replicate in your own (limited!) time, including:

  • Signature (physiotherapy-inspired) micro-movements for the pelvis, back and abdomen
  • Progressive yoga postures to realign and re-strengthen
  • Short flowing sequences to energise and release tension
  • Pelvic floor work
  • Breath work 
  • Instant relaxation techniques
  • Walks and various ways to carry your baby
  • Optimal feeding positioning 

Whatever happens, each session always ends with a deep relaxation to enable you to recharge and let go.


postnatal recovery package

The foundation of your postnatal recovery.
3 or 6 nourishing sessions in your home to heal, re-own, close and strengthen your body, and nurture yourself as a new mother.

Package includes:

  • Consultation by phone
  • One initial session of 90mn followed by 2 or 5 sessions of 75mn (depending on package) in your home 
  • Personalised yoga home practice sheets and memo cards

£199 for 3 sessions or £359 for 6 sessions

Sessions are currently delivered remotely via Zoom.

I’d never done any yoga before, but after a difficult pregnancy and birth that left me with bad diastasis recti, I was up for trying anything! I signed up for a few 1:1 sessions with Amelie and not only did the exercises and stretches feel so good, but Amelie was totally aware of how to gently help my post-pregnancy body. It was also such a lovely and restful highlight in my week to have some time to look after myself in such kind and understanding company. I’d whole-heartedly recommend!


Mum and Baby wellbeing package

A holistic package to support you and your baby through the early postnatal period (first 3 to 6 months after birth), blending postnatal yoga and baby nurture practices.

Package includes:

  • Consultation by phone
  • One initial session of 90mn followed by 5 sessions of 75mn in your home
  • Personalised home yoga practice sheets and memo cards
  • Comprehensive baby nurture handouts, including baby massage routines, baby yoga stretches, comforting holds, soothing techniques and more

£359 for 6 sessions

Home sessions can also be delivered remotely via Zoom.

Amelie is an incredible teacher, my son and myself loved her classes and felt very comfortable with her. She’s great with babies, and offers lots of practical first hand advice for the mums. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Amelie and truly believe she is the best postnatal yoga and baby massage teacher in the  Richmond area.


recharge, relax and reconnect

yoga retreat for new mums

A nourishing and restorative event for all mums, suitable from a few weeks after birth.

Enjoy gentle stretches, deep breaths, reconnect with your body and recharge your batteries, and start feeling like yourself again.

Next date TBC

Amelie is a kind and thoughtful teacher, who truly understands the needs of a new mother. Her sessions are so restful and relaxing, and gave me much-needed time to look after myself and my body, which had been neglected with a baby and child around. I’d thoroughly recommend her.


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