Yoga for labour &birth workshop

The birth of your baby is a momentous event. It is the start of your journey together. It is an event you want to prepare for.

Maybe you already have booked yourself onto an antenatal course, with your local hospital, or any organisation such as the NCT. Information is very important, but it does not replace body-based preparation. Because birth is first and foremost a BODY process!

This highly practical workshop focuses on the 3 elements most effective to positively influence your birth experience, and increase your chances of a gentle, fulfilling birth: movement, posture, and breathing & relaxation techniques.
You and your birthing partner will get to explore these elements first-hand through ‘birth rehearsals’, so you can approach your big day serenely and confidently.

The workshop is the perfect complement to antenatal and hypnobirthing courses, and to my pregnancy yoga classes.



The yoga for labour and birth practices covered in the workshop are designed to help you:

  • stay as comfortable as possible at every stage of labour and birth
  • follow your body’s intuition (a key aspect of a gentle labour!)
  • find more space in the pelvis, to help your baby’s progress down the birth canal
  • deal with contractions and access your body’s natural pain relief (endorphins)
  • prepare and protect your perineum and pelvic floor (reduce risk of tearing)
  • conserve energy and access rest when needed (because labour can be long!)
  • equip your partner with plenty of ways they can support you at this very unique time.

These practices are based on 30 years of research and close work with midwives. Together, they can increase your chances of a gentle physiological birth, at home or in hospital, on ‘land’ or in water.

What to expect

The workshop is mostly practical, and follows the journey of labour and birth, from the latent phase, to the delivery of the placenta.

Ahead of our session together, we will discuss your birth plan (if you have any; it is not compulsory!), any fears and/or past birth experiences that might influence your labour and birth, so that I can tailor the workshop contents to your specific situation.

Then, together, we will design a ‘labour circuit’ specific to your situation and preferences, that you can use on the big day. We will also practice several mini birth rehearsals. These will help you develop essential awareness of your labouring space (the pelvis!) and ‘body memory’ of all the positions, movements and  techniques, ready to be used on the big day!

The workshop also covers some simple but important elements of ‘theory’ to support your understanding of labour and birth, which can really help improve your overall experience.

This workshop can be delivered privately in the comfort of your own home, or in a group setting upon request.

You will receive a detailed and illustrated handout for you to keep and use as a reminder + your personalised labour circuit plan.

Who is it for?

The workshop is suitable whether you are planning to give birth at home, in hospital or in a birthing unit, on ‘land’ or in water. It is compatible if you are planning for an ‘active birth’ and/or want to use hypnobirthing techniques.

You do not need to have practiced any yoga before or during your pregnancy to benefit from this workshop, although you might find it a really good complement to regular classes.

The workshop is probably most valuable once you are in your third trimester. However you are welcome to book while still in your second trimester (this will give you plenty of time to prepare and rehearse the techniques shown).

Although the workshop is originally designed to cover some techniques involving a birthing partner, the workshop can be taken on your own (without a partner).

It is also possible to arrange the workshop for a group (for example, your antenatal group); please contact me for details.

YOGA for labour & Birth workshop

  • 2-hour+ private workshop delivered in the comfort of your own home.
  • Includes comprehensive handouts for future reference.
  • Timings/date to be discussed prior to, or after purchase, whichever suits you best.
  • The workshop can also be arranged for antenatal groups – contact me for details
Thank you again for a great session yesterday evening. R and I found it very useful and positive, and we really appreciated the opportunity to explore all the postures and techniques at home, where I plan to labour for as long as possible. Charlotte

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